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Exedy Clutch Kit NSK-6803STHD Nissan Safari Tuff Upgraded

For serious 4X4 enthusiasts, EXEDY's Safari Tuff Heavy Duty Clutch kit offers the best of the best for off the beaten the track. With enhanced design and material specifications, the EXEDY Safari Tuff clutch has been expertly engineered to meet the demands of four wheel driving.The EXEDY Safari Tuff Clutch Kit is unique because it has superior torque capacity when compared to standard OE clutch kits. The improved damper springs and high co-efficient friction material gives it the highest clamping force material in the EXEDY product line. Known for powering vehicles in some of the world's toughest four wheel drive races in the world, the Safari Tuff Clutch is one-of-a-kind in features and performance.Features include upgraded damper springs, increase torque capacity, spheroidal graphite anti-burst casting, drive straps, corrosion resistance, and a minimum of 25% increase in clamp load. All EXEDY clutch kits are warranted against faulty material and/or workmanship. EXEDY is a global supplier of sport series clutches and power-train parts for motor vehicles, designed and built to OE specifications. Clutch options are available for Japanese model vehicles as well as American and European model vehicles.So whether you're looking for a factory style replacement or a performance clutch kit for your vehicle, Automotive Superstore has an entire line of EXEDY Clutch Kits online, including OEM Replacement, Sports Tuff, Safari Tuff, Racing Clutch and Truck Tuff. Use our search function, vehicle finder or contact one of our friendly staff for your new Exedy clutch.

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