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Image of Hydrea Vegan Dry Body Brush - Deluxe

Hydrea Vegan Dry Body Brush - Deluxe

This deluxe dry body brush is made from natural Cactus (Tampico) plant bristles which have been uniquely cut on a smooth angle to hug the body, providing a luxurious, premium dry body brushing experience while removing dead skin cells without scratching...

Image of Fresca Natural Deodorant - Wooden Spice - 50ml

Fresca Natural Deodorant - Wooden Spice - 50ml

The woody, earthy scent of this Fresca deodorant makes it ideal for Men. It includes the pure essential oils of Sandalwood and Cedarwood for an earthy masculine scent. This deodorant is all-natural and aluminium free. It uses a proprietary blend of essential...

Image of Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush 1pc

Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush 1pc

Aveda Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush has the following features: Originally created for scalp treatments and detangling, this professional brush features extended bristles that stimulate and massage the scalp. Reduces stress to hair and scalp during blow-drying...