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Image of Sherlock Holmes Magnifying Glass

Sherlock Holmes Magnifying Glass

'To let the brain work without sufficient material is like racing an engine. It racks itself to pieces...' Look for tiny clues with this Sherlock Holmes Magnifying glass. Paired with our other Sherlock Holmes accessories; you will be looking the part...

Image of Diego Party Favour Cup

Diego Party Favour Cup

Party FunHave a keepsake to remember this special birthday adventure! Our Diego Party Favour Cup features Diego swinging from a vine; into action in a camouflage jungle. The orange plastic cup is reusable.Item Includes:Favour Cup.Fit and Sizing:16oz/473ml.

Image of Diego Party Confetti

Diego Party Confetti

Sprinkle Some Party Fun!Sprinkle some party fun with this Diego Party Confetti Pack. This great pack of confetti includes pictures of Diego; his animal friends and some coloured spots for a sprinkle of fun!Item Includes: Confetti Pack.