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Image of Xotic Eyes Smoky Eye Mask Kit

Xotic Eyes Smoky Eye Mask Kit

Dramatic!Add this pair of Xotic Eyes Smoky Eye Mask Artwork to your face for an air of drama. One set of black scroll work artwork pieces designed to frame each eye. Self adhesive; waterproof and reusable. Instructions included. Item Includes:Eye Kit...

Image of Black Smoke Mask

Black Smoke Mask

Chemical Warfare!Protect yourself with this Black Smoke Mask. This mask is made of high quality latex with the look of oiled black leather. Features large; translucent lenses that allow the wearer to see out with ease. Perfect accessory for a survivor...

Image of Onyx Eyelashes

Onyx Eyelashes

Lay it on thick.Bigger; fuller; more inviting eyes in seconds. These Onyx Eyelashes are a luxurious and beautiful way to take your look to the next level. Enhance your outfit with this stunning and easy to apply accessory. Item Includes:Pair of Eyelashes.Eyelash...