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Image of Foam Pitchfork

Foam Pitchfork

Complete your devil costume with this classic pitchfork. This Foam Pitchfork has the trident section made of harmless foam for safe spooking! In bright red for a realistic look.Item Includes:Pitchfork.

Image of Foam Sickle

Foam Sickle

No self respecting Grim Reaper would be caught dead without his sickle! This Foam Sickle looks menacing but is actually made from harmless foam so no-one has to get hurt... Item Includes:Sickle.

Image of Foam Bouffant Wig

Foam Bouffant Wig

Oh my; What a Hairstyle!Turn heads at your next fancy dress party with the ultimate hair do! This hilarious foam wig features the iconic bouffant hairstyle that will go great with any costume or just for fun! This 50's style foam headpiece will have them...

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