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Image of 66fit 8cm Soft Spiky Massage Ball - 2pcs

66fit 8cm Soft Spiky Massage Ball - 2pcs

Target those tricky hard to reach areas with a set of two 66fit 8cm Spiky Massage Balls (Soft) The 8cm soft spiky massage balls are ideal for applying gentle pressure to muscles in those tight spots which are often hard to reach with conventional massage techniques. Gently roll the therapeutic balls in a circular or rocking motion, applying your preferred amount of pressure to increase blood flow to the area, loosen tight knotted muscles and relieve tension. Alternatively place the ball between your shoulders, neck or buttocks and a hard surface eg. floor or a wall and repeat the action. The soft spiky 8cm balls are particularly effective for use on shoulder and neck areas to help massage away neck pain and relieve tension headaches. Furthermore these balls may be used for hand therapy and exercise or simply roll them beneath the base of each foot to relieve soreness and reenergise the feet. Why Choose the 66fit Set of Two 8cm Soft Spiky Massage Balls? The 8cm soft massage ball set is a great value two-in-one self-massage product. Easy to clean and store, the spiky massage balls can be used to gently treat muscular aches and pains either alone or together to achieve a dual action result. For example roll the balls in each hand or beneath each foot simultaneously for an effective envigorating massage. In addition the balls may also be used with massage oils to heighten the whole therapeutic experience. Please note these balls are SOFT. Firmer balls are also available. The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to use the massage balls, with additional in-depth videos available online. Features This set of two 66fit 8cm Spiky Massage Balls (Soft) is a great value way to gently massage away tension, relieve aching muscles and stimulate circulation. The 8cm soft spiky balls provide a therapeutic massage to help relax firm tight muscles and release tension in sometimes hard to reach areas of pain and discomfort. The small compact sized massage balls are ideal for neck and shoulder massage, hand and foot therapy but may also be used effectively on arm, lower leg and gluteal muscles. The compact portable design of these soft spiky massage balls makes them ideal for use both home and away.  Easy to clean and store. Specification Colour: Various Product Size: 8cmProduct Firmness: SOFTBox contents: 2 x 8cm ballsBox Dimensions: 15cm x 8cm x 8cm Main Materials: PVC and DPHPPresented In: Colour Box Packed Weight: 250gmsMade in Taiwan

Price: $19.00 from 66 Fit Australia

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