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66fit Lumbar Pad

Are you sitting comfortably with the 66fit Lumbar Pad? The 66fit lumbar pad cushion is a small compact pad which has been specifically designed to fit behind your lower back when sitting. Made from moulded PU foam our back cushion offers unrivalled comfort and support, correcting posture and promoting the spines natural alignment when sitting down. Used correctly the Lumbar Cushion can help to relieve pain and discomfort leaving you to get on with your day. In addition, when used whilst driving, the 66fit Lumbar Pad has been shown to ease stress and reduce tension and fatigue. Why Choose the 66fit Lumbar Cushion? Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit small back cushion is a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability, practicality and easy storage in mind. With its specially designed contoured shape, the pad fits perfectly behind the lower back to provide support and encourage good posture with the spine correctly aligned in its natural ‘S’ curve. Crafted from the highest quality moulded PU foam, it is lightweight and portable making it suitable for use at home, work or in the car. The 66fit back pad has a soft and comfortable zipped velour cover which is removable and fully washable. The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to use the lumbar pad. Features The 66fit Lumbar Pad Cushion is designed to support the lower back and maintain good posture while sitting. Small, compact pad fits behind the lower back to correct posture by aligning the spine in its natural position. Can help relieve pain and discomfort, reducing tension and fatigue whilst driving. Manufactured from high quality moulded PU foam for unrivalled support. Removable, washable zipped cover. Fits most types of chair and car seat. Ideal for home, office and car use. Lightweight. Portable. SpecificationColour: Black Dimensions: 36cm x 30cm x 6.5cm Materials: PVC Moulded PU Foam, Polyester, NylonPresented In: Colour Box Packed Weight: 0.65kgMade In China

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