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Image of Taavi Deluxe 2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna

Taavi Deluxe 2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna

tep in and step up to a more beautiful, more relaxed way of life! Luxo Living's gorgeous Red Cedar Sauna Cabin for two offers you the considerable benefits of far infrared in a stunning piece of furniture that will dress up any room in your home. Choose the infrared sauna that makes the most sense! This fabulous addition to your lifestyle provides a soft, even heat from state-of-the-art carbon fibre heating panels. They emit a healing, relaxing, detoxifying infrared heat that penetrates your cells oh-so-evenly, ever-so-smoothly, andt you will find yourself thoroughly enjoy every invigorating moment. Much more effective than the ancient ceramic rod saunas, these seven-carbon fibre heating panels actually do a better job faster, and more safely. Because of the unique softness of the heat that these far infrared saunas produce, you''ll be able to stay in its glow longer, deriving more benefits every session. Magnificent looks, and pain-busting therapy! Sauna weight loss is often touted as the main reason for buying a home sauna, but there is an astonishing array of other sauna benefits you should be aware of, if you''re considering bringing one of these beautiful babies home. The deep heat generated in this elegant home sauna can help you improve or cure even the most stubborn muscle pains, pains you may have been living with for years without knowing that relief was just a little hot air away!Other benefits from spending time relaxing in this gorgeous Red Cedar Sauna Cabin for two include vast improvement to your immune system over time, due to the detoxifying effect of profound heat, and the increase in circulation it provides. Your skin will glow on the outside and you will glow from the inside! Detoxify your body - The intense heat of a dry sauna will coax your body to lose toxins and dissolve fats through perspiration.Manage your pain - Far infrared saunas are proven natural alternative solutions to stubborn problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Heat therapy is great for all types of muscle, bone and joint pain.Increase your circulation - When your circulation improves, it has far-reaching therapeutic effects on many functions of your body, including your blood pressure and heart.Control your weight - Spend time regularly in this pleasant room and reap the surprisingly effective benefits of sauna weight loss, without exercising!Face off your illnesses - All kinds of infections and virus-based illnesses can be effectively combated with the special therapy provided by far infrared heat. Enjoy these people-friendly extras: External & Inner Control PanelFM Stereo, CD Player with Internal Speakers Heats from 30-60°C2 x Back Rest1 x Interior Light2 x Exterior Light Below Eave7 x Carbon Fibre Heating PanelsFar Infrared TechnologyFull Tempered Glass DoorRed Cedar Wood ConstructionSimple Buckle System Assembly Your life is too precious to spend it in pain or stress! Try this fantastic heat therapy system and move past all that into the warm light of a new, relaxed lifestyle! What is the difference between the Ceramic Heaters and the Carbon Heaters? Both heaters will provide the same health benefits and will do the same job. However, the heat distribution differs between the two heaters. If you are interested in using the sauna for a quick intense sweat, ceramic would be the best choice. Carbon is favored as the heat is more comfortable and makes it easier to relax in the sauna longer and will still provide an intense sweat. Carbon heaters are also more commonly used for those with a condition or disease in which the infrared can improve health and well-being. Ceramic Heaters Have a high emissivity (degree at which material can emit) On average lasts about 9,000 hours Rod shaped for optimum FIR dispersement Made of true ceramic Does not have a large surface area but because they are enclosed in a reflective plate the far infrared is able to target a large portion of the body Ceramic heaters have the fastest warm up time to produce a very intense heat that will allow you to sweat within minutes Carbon Heaters Have a high emissivity (degree at which material can emit) On average lasts about 18,000 hours Made of a thin carbon plate for even heat and FIR emission Flexible and less fragile Flat surface allows for a more even heat distribution Largest flat surface area that infrared heaters offer Low wattage carbon heaters give off a more gentle, therapeutic heat Same health benefits as ceramic. EMF TESTED - Designed and test proven to emit extremely low levels of EMF, Provides hours of safe comfortable relaxation. Floor Plan

Price: $1599.00 from Luxo Living

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