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Image of Iams Adult Hairball Control 2.55kg

Iams Adult Hairball Control 2.55kg

Cats work hard to keep themselves groomed, but all that work can lead to some pretty hairy situations. Hairballs have the potential to cause great discomfort and even medical emergencies for our feline friends, so it’s important that we do what we can to minimise the risk. Iams Adult Hairball Control formula works on the inside and outside. Fish oil, vitamin B and brewers yeast promotes healthy skin and coat, which helps to control hairball formation; while an original combination of carbohydrates, beet pulp and FOS improves nutrient absorption, helps to move food (and hair) through the intestines, supports colon health and reduces waste. With Iams Adult Hairball Control, you can be assured that the number of hairy hairball situations will be greatly reduced. Product details recommended for adult cats (aged 1+) with tendency for hairballs promotes healthy skin and coat to control hairball formation improves nutrient absorption helps move food and hair through the intestines supports colon health reduces waste

Price: $25.99 from Jumbo Pets

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