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Image of Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Recharging Kit

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Recharging Kit

A plug-and-play generator for emergencies; camping; or wherever you need power. The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator is a gas-free source of portable power to keep lights; phones and laptops powered on through any situation. It's your portable; mini powerhouse. FEATURES Recharge by: AC; 12V; Solar Power Output: USB; 12V; AC Ideal for: Tablet; Laptop; DSLR Camera; Lights Kit Includes: Goal Zero Yeti 150 & Nomad 20 Weight: 13.6 lbs / 6.4kg In the box 1 x Goal Zero Yeti 150 Power Pack 1 x Nomad 20 Solar Panel 1 x Wall Charger 1 x 12V Adapter 1 x 4.7mm to 8.0mm Legacy Nomad Panel Adapter CHARGING THERE ARE 3 WAYS TO CHARGE YOUR GOAL ZERO YETI 150: The Sun - The Goal Zero Yeti 150 can be charged by connecting a compatible solar panel (see the chart below for solar compatibility). Wall - The Goal Zero Yeti 150 can be charged by being plugged into a regular wall outlet. Car - The Goal Zero Yeti 150 can also be charged by plugging into your car 12V adapter. POWERING THE GOAL ZERO YETI 150 POWERS YOUR DEVICE IN 3 WAYS: USB - The USB port best charges all your medium size USB powered devices. 12V - The 12V best charges all your medium 12V powered devices. AC Inverter - Plug in your device just as you would the wall. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO CHARGE YOUR DEVICE FROM GOAL ZERO POWER PACKS? It takes the same amount of time to charge your device from a Goal Zero power pack as it does from the wall. WHAT CAN THE NOMAD 20 SOLAR PANEL CHARGE? The solar panel does not hold a charge it produces power when it is exposed to sunlight. You can store the power it produces in a portable recharger. The Nomad 20 can be used to power any Goal Zero recharger. WHAT GOAL ZERO PRODUCTS WORK BEST WITH THE NOMAD 20? The Nomad 20 can be used to power any Goal Zero recharger. For the amount of Watts it gives; it will be most effective with the Escape 150; Yeti 150; or Sherpa 50. DOES THE NOMAD 20 GIVE A FULL 20 WATTS? It delivers up to 20 Watts of power; but the angle of the panels and the cloud coverage can impact its performance. Avoid the shade. It will not work indoors. GOAL ZERO YETI 150 SOLAR GENERATOR TECH SPECS Charge Times Wall Charger (45W): 6 hours Car Charger (30W): 8 hours Nomad 13 Solar Panel: 26-52 Hours Nomad 20 Solar Panel: 17-34 Hours Boulder 15 Solar Panel: 22-44 Hours Battery Details Cell Type: AGM Lead-Acid Peak Capacity: 168Wh (12V; 14Ah) Lifecycles: hundreds of cycles Shelf-life: Keep plugged in; or charge every 3-6 months Fuses: 20A; user replaceable fuse Management system Charging and low-battery protection built-in Ports USB port (output): 5V; up to 2.1A (10W max); regulated 6mm port (output; 6mm; green; hexagon): 12V; up to 10A (120W max); regulated 12V car port (output): 12V; up to 10A (120W max) AC inverter US (output; 60Hx; modified sine wave): 110V; 0.7A (80W continuous; 160W surge max) charging port (input; 8mm; blue; circle):14-29V; up to 5A (60W max) General Product SKU: 22004 Chainable: No Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg) Dimensions: 7.75 x 5.75 x 6.75 in (19.7 x 14.6 x 17.2 cm) Operating usage temp.: 32-104 F (0-40 C) Certs: CE; FCC; ROHS Warranty 6 months NOMAD 20 SOLAR PANEL TECH SPECS Charges the following: Goal Zero Yeti 150: 17-34 hours Sherpa 50 v2: 6-12 Hours Guide 10 Plus: 2.5-5 Hours Solar Panel: Rated Power: 20W Open Circuit Voltage: 18-22V Cell Type: Monocrystalline Ports USB Port (output): 5V; up to 2.1A (10W max); regulated Solar Port (blue; 8mm): 14-22V; up to 1.3A (20W max) Mini Solar Port (2.5mm): 6.5V; u

Price: $549.50 from Wild Earth

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