Buy Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks Value Pack 25pcs online.


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Image of DMM Protection Pack .

DMM Protection Pack .

A comprehensive set of the finest in crack protection. The grooved, sculpted curves of the Wallnuts fit into a wide variety of crack configuration; the tapering wedge profiles of the Offsets hold fast in awkward, irregular, flaring placements; and...

Image of DMM Aero Screwgate 5 Pack .

DMM Aero Screwgate 5 Pack .

The Aero Screwgate from DMM is a classic entry level Offset D locker biner, however it is not just your standard every day budget option. With the Aero Screwgate you get a hot forged biner with a neat design and a clean nose to reduce snagging. It has...

Image of DMM Spectre 2 - 5 Pack No Colour

DMM Spectre 2 - 5 Pack No Colour

A premium lightweight wire gate karabiner with top class specification the DMM Spectre 2 is the perfect option if you prefer the handling qualities of a larger biner or if you are wearing winter gloves. It has a safe, deep rope basket - that being the...