300000 Australian car parts and auto parts online!
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300000 Australian car parts and auto parts online
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Spares Box is a 100% Australian owned online auto parts store. At Spares Box you can buy a huge range of the best car parts and accessories to suit passenger cars, 4x4s and commercial vehicles. Brands include Bendix, BOSCH, MANN Filter and XFORCE.

Did you know that you can save an average of 35% off your car service bill when you buy auto parts online? At Spares Box, our mission is to offer every Australian driver a truly modernized, optimized way of maintaining their car, 4x4 or commercial vehicle. Put simply, we’re here to find you the best parts for your vehicle at the perfect price.

By shopping with Spares Box, you’re joining thousands of Australians who are turning away from overpriced mark-ups, and easily sourcing your own car and 4x4 parts. Easier to use than any other site and with one of the most powerful search tools around, we pride ourselves on the ease and accuracy of our website. To back this up, we’re more than happy to offer a 100% Fitment Guarantee, meaning you can spend less time trying to find parts through the ‘haystack’ and spend more time on the things that really matter.

Spares Box covers all maintenance and performance needs, offering a comprehensive selection of parts and accessories that never compromise on quality. From brake parts to suspension kits, mufflers to engine components, we offer a huge quantity of over 300,000 parts and accessories.

We only stock renowned and respected brands, with years of excellence in their respective fields behind them, including Bendix, BOSCH, MANN Filter and XFORCE, therefore you know our products can be trusted.

Founded in 2014, Spares Box has grown to become Australia’s largest auto parts store. Without doubt, we owe this to two things: our founding philosophy, and our wealth of experience.

Giving Australian drivers unrivalled power in managing the costs of their car maintenance is the single idea that drives our business forward.  Our founding principle is simple, and it hasn’t changed a bit since day one.

Of course, every philosophy needs the right drivers behind it. At Spares Box, we are backed by over 50 years combined experience in the automotive industry both inside and outside of Australia, allowing us to forge strong, beneficial relationships with global OEM suppliers.

From Bosch and Brembo to RYCO Filters and Bilstein, our knowledge of the automotive industry the world-over has been the ideal foundation to build our customer-focused philosophy on, and has given us access to many of the most influential names in the business.

For anyone seeking an alternative to traditional servicing without sacrificing any of the expertise, Spares Box puts you in control of what goes in your car at the best possible price.

By truly putting the customer first, Spares Box is miles ahead of the rest of the auto parts industry.

Let Spares Box help you take the wheel and take control of your service.

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