Buy Australia flag 450 x 900 Woven Australian made, online in Australia.


Image of Australia flag 450 x 900 Woven Australian made,

Australia flag 450 x 900 Woven Australian made,

Woven polyester Australian Made Australia flag 450mm x 900mm.

The premium quality Australian made Australia flag is made from heavy duty fabric and specifically designed for the harsh and extreme Australian weather conditions. The Australian Made Australia flag is 450mm wide and 900mm long and is considered the longer lasting and more durable of all modern day flag materials.

The Australian made Australia flag features rich, deep colour processing providing the most durable and fade resistant colours, has a white/ivory reinforced hoist sleeve with flagpole rope loops, and has double stitched hem all round.

These are the quality Australian made Australia woven flags and the larger 900 x 1800mm version of this flag is often seen outside Government buildings, Local Council buildings, Schools, Universities, international Hotels and Corporate office buildings.

The Australian made 450mm x 900mm Australia flag is also available in many different sizes and material grades. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation quotation for all your individual flag requirements.

Australian made Australia flag features:

Flag Care 101 : How to gain the maximum longevity of a flag.

Always keep your flag in tip-top condition. It is disrespectful to fly frayed or damaged flags.

'Fly wear' is not insect software or insect clothing! :)

Watch the hem on the 'fly' end of your flag, 'fly wear'. This is the primary area to show the first signs of wear and tear due to the constant flapping action. Once 'fly wear' is noticed, take down the flag, trim off the worn and frayed fly end, fold over the end (twice if possible) and re-sew the edge of the flag. This can be due a few times during the life of the flag without visually affecting the look of your flag size ratio. If 'fly wear' is actioned at the first signs of damage your flags longevity can be greatly increased.

Avoid flying your flag at night at this is when the most detrimental flag flying weather conditions occur. Remember, if flying your flag at night, flag protocol calls for the flag to be illuminated by a light source.

Avoid flying a dusty and/or gritty flag. Dust and grit has sharp edges that can micro-cut and wear down fabrics, dull colours and causes premature flag wear. Most flags can be washed in cold water using a mild detergent in a home washing machine.

Proudly Australian Made! ... #1 for Quality, Longevity and Durability.

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