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Free online dating web sites vs. paid online dating sites! Let's count the real cost?

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Having owned and operated a number of free and paid dating web site over the past ten years I can say without fear of contradiction that you would be far better to join a paid dating web site service rather than a free online dating web site.

WHY? I hear you thinking! :)

If for no other reason, but for the quality of the members found on a paid dating service.

Many free dating web site are just as technically advanced as a paid dating web site services. They offer similar features, similar contact methods, and boast thousands upon thousands of active members. The bottom line, especially if you don't want to waste your time, is simply the quality of the members found on free dating site is to say the least ''dismal'!

For the ladies mainly, but it happens to guys on occasion. I can tell you for a absolute fact! Upon joining a free dating web site you will find that you will be absolutely inundated with messages and contact requests within hours!

That's great! YAY!

This kind of response to your online dating profile would give you a large pool of suiters to choose from, and an absolute lifetime of dating opportunities.

Amongst these contact requests you may find a genuine and respect person, but like the hope diamond, they will be a gem to find, be will very be few and very far between! Unfortunately, most of the messages and contacts you will receive on free dating web site either want sex there and then, want to hook-up and nothing more, immediately want your phone number or personal contact details, want to send you filthy naked pictures, send message of nothing but sex oriented content, and the ultimate in disrespect, wanting nothing more than to scam you out of all your money and valuables.

If you think I'm making all this up? Online dating scams have been reported on many world wide current affair TV shows and across many global media platforms.

Paid dating members are far superior in quality and manners to those found on free dating web sites. No if's, no but's, it just the simple facts!

Seriously, if you are thinking of online dating do yourself a favour! Spend a few dollars ($10-$20 per month membership is a very small amount to pay for peace-of-mind and the security, and knowing the contact and message you receive on a paid online dating site while not all contacts and messages won't be 100% squeaky clean, they will be kept at an absolute minimum.

TIP: If you find you receive an offensive contact or rude message you can block that member from contacting you further. Then immediately report the incident to the web site administration letting them know the members user name and message topic/content. Dating web site owners don't want these kind ok of disrespectful members and are dealt with very swiftly, very Beverly and without question or appeal from the offender.

Let me ask you this.

If you could meet someone who became a really good friend, how much would that be worth to you?

Does 'Priceless' come to mind?

If you could meet someone who makes you feel like a an over excited, tummy fuzzy, love sick 16 year old teenager again, how much would that be worth to you?

Does 'Priceless' come to mind?

If you had a chance of finding your long lost soulmate or life-partner, how much would that be worth to you?

Does 'way beyond Priceless' come to mind?

What if I told you that for the price of a cup of coffee you could get a whole months membership on any number of paid online dating web sites - now you'll have to agree that's way cheaper than 'Priceless!'

So why do so many people decide to join an online dating sites, then shudder at the thought of paying a few dollars a month for what could well be one of the best opportunities they will ever have of meeting Mr. Ms. or Mrs Right?

What I am trying to explain is that you are unlikely to find any of the above on free dating web sites, not without wasting so much time filtering out fakes, scammers, those just looking for a little attention of getting a contact email, or those just looking for a little afternoon delight. I know! I owned and operated a free online dating web site with over 9,000 heavily pre-screened members for many years. Even with my strict pre-screening of members, of which almost 90% of applicants were rejected, a very small number of fakes, scammers, bedroom athletes and time wasters did slip though my electrified net of scrutiny. One can only imagine how many are lurking around on free dating web sites that do not have as high a membership rejection rate as I did.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Before I really upset all the free dating site operators! As mentioned, fakes, scammers, bedroom athletes and time wasters do exist on paid dating web sites, but in far fewer numbers. This is due to the fact that scammers do not want to leave a trackable and traceable paper trail or efoot-print that could expose them for what they really are! This is the main reason paid dating web site are still thriving, despite the ever increasing numbers of free dating web sites that pop up almost weekly, and then just as quickly as they appear, falling by the way side without explanation or forewarning to their members!

With the amount of time I spent ensuring the best quality members it still wasn't enough to operate a quality free online dating service. Feedback I received from my members was constructive, but most was negative and in some cases, hurtful. The overall experience, from a free dating web site operators point of view, was disappointing and a waste of time, money and resources. Here is just a small sample of actual member feedback from my free dating web site:

"I really appreciate all the hard work and interest in helping me meet someone but the quality of the members is very low. Many can't even string 2 words together in conversation. Maybe I'll come back try your site again in a few months if I am still single." (Editors Note: She never returned! :(

"I was on your web site for over a year and never received a single contact or reply to my contacts! I joined another online dating service, paid to contact members, and 7 days later I am now, in what I would consider a meaningful relationship. Thanks for nothing!" (Editors Note: The last I ever heard from him! :(

"After being contacted by a few of the male members I really had to think if I had joined an illiterate adult fling dating web site. Most online chats that got beyond bad grammar, atrocious spelling and uncomfortable silence started out as "Hi babe! Wanna Hook-up I'm horny!" Sorry Steven, but I don't think these free dating services are all they are cracked up to be! :( Thank you for all you have done but I'm going back to my paid dating site!" (Editors Note: The last I ever heard from her! :(

As hard as it was to accept, the members were right. Many people that joined my free dating web site did it half-heatedly, they put very little effort into their introduction, put even less effort in presenting themselves in a positive way and didn't even bother replying to contacts received. Despite all my efforts to help, offer suggestions on how to improve and encourage their chances of finding someone it was like trying to hold back a Tsunamis with a teaspoon! Yes it was a free dating site, and unfortunately it attracted a lot of people who wanted everything for nothing, people who were not prepared to make the effort, and then they went on to complain of poor results.

So the lesson to be learnt here; "if you want to have something of value in your life, you have to place value on it.". I am not saying go out and drain you bank account, but rather, if you are going to go to all the trouble of joining an online dating web site at least put some value on it. Make the effort, open you wallet or purse and give those moths some much deserved exercise, and your chances of contacting or being contacted by high quality online singles genuinely looking to romance, date and commitment will skyrocket. :)

Just another quick TRUE story about a real world introduction agency.

In the hope of meeting the man of her dreams a friend of mine spent $1200 on a 12 month membership with a real world introduction agency. All she received for her money was 363 days of loneliness waiting for the phone to ring. Although she did get 2 introduction over the 12 month period; one guy never returned her call, how rude! The other did call, they went out for coffee and they were about as compatible as a monkey and a billiard ball?.. and at $1200 for the annual membership, that was one heck of an expensive coffee date! Anybody want to pay me $1200 to have coffee with them? Shoot! I'll even pay for the coffee! :)

online dating web sites are far cheaper and much more efficient than your mainstream introduction agencies. Online dating web sites have far more members that are easily accessible and you are not paying an arm and 2 legs for the service. A basic monthly membership to a paid dating web site starts around $10 - $40 per month, far less than the amount my friend paid to the introduction agency. You rmonthly membership allows you unlimited singles searches, unlimited profile browsing and unlimited contacts with all the other dating site members. PLUS! Paid membership also entitles you to many fun, interactive and engaging features exclusive to paying members only.

OK I have dribbled on for long enough about Free vs. Paid dating services. If you still want to go and join a free dating web site I wish you luck and success in finding what you are seeking... but ... just before you leave!

... If you're serious about trying online dating then check out the paid services listed below.

I have also included other online dating articles I have written. You are more than welcome to read through these. I'm sure they will prove invaluable to those yet to join an online dating web site, as well as, those well versed and experienced in the online dating scene!

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