AAA web site online dating scams, online money scams, and fake personal ads!

It's a fact of life that there is always someone, somewhere who would take advantage and exploit a situation and the online dating scene is no exception.

Scams can be in many forms including assistance requests for overseas investments, money laundering, money scams, money for airline tickets, fake singles profiles designed to deceive and the "down on my luck" or family medical problem stories with request for money and on going financial assistance.

Luckily most online dating and personal ad scams are uncovered very quickly and are removed from dating web site.

If you ever receive an email via your online dating profile or your personal ad asking you to email or chat with someone away from the online dating site, if you uncover any fake profiles or if you are ever asked for money report the incident to the dating web site administrators immediately.

The quicker you let them know about a the incident the quicker they can investigate, identify and take appropriate action.

Online dating scams come in many forms and the requests can be varied as the day is long. Generally you will find many of the online dating scammers lurking around on free dating web sites. Why? Because the sites are free! The scammer can join for free using fake information and contact any members they like for free, without leaving a paper trail or electronic footprint. No paper trail or electronic footprint makes it almost impossible to find out who they are or where they are from.

You think free dating web site are the way to go? I disagree! I owned and operated a free online dating web site with over 9,000 heavily pre-screened members for over 10 years. Even with my strict pre-screening of members, of which almost 90% of applicants were rejected. A very small number of scammers did slip though my electrified net of scrutiny. One can only imagine how many are lurking around on free dating web sites that do not have as high a membership rejection rate as I did.

Personally, paying $5 - 10 per month for membership on a paid online dating web site is far cheaper, far safer and far less embarrassing than having all your life savings scooped up from right under your nose!

Below you will find examples the more common types of online dating money scams.

Online Dating Scams

Request for financial assistance scams are planned and played over a period time. The online dating scam artist is well conversed and experienced in earning your trust, your confidence and ultimately your heart! When they feel you are ripe for the picking they tell you a heart breaking story about a young family member who has just being diagnosed with a very serious medical condition that requires intensive medical treatment.

They go on tho tell you in great detail about the medical treatments and how very expensive they are going to be... blah, blah, blah... The story goes on for a week or so and then the first bills come in. They tell you they can cope with the initial bills but they are not sure if they can cope with future bills and questions arise of "How am I to pay for them?..." OK, well you get the general idea... They tug at your heart stings and then at your purse strings, and when they have milked you for all you are worth, they vanish from your life quicker than they appeared to scam the next victim!


Other online dating money scams include:

Asking for money for a plane ticket to come and see you!
If a person can't even afford to come and see you what sort of future would you have together. That in itself should send up and flurry of Red Flags!

Asking for money for any reason!

Online dating scammers have more fairy tale stories than Hans Christian Andersen, and they are just as much a fairy tale as Hans' most creative work! Online dating scammers are becoming much smarter in their art and using much more advanced untraceable technology. You need to be vigilant in what you do and what information you give to a person you hardly know.

Asking you to email or contact them away from the dating site you are on.

This is a BIG NO NO! No matter how annoying the online dating chat and email system is, it's here you are at your safest. If you wander off and start emailing or communicating away from the online dating site you are leaving yourself wide open to being ripped off BIG TIME!

Never phone any one unless you know the number they give you is a genuine phone number.

Phoning a number willy nilly will more than likely get you connected to an automated phone dialer or other nasty phone scamming technology. This technology allows you phone to be used for any number of scamming activities including calling expensive phone services. The only time you know you have been scammed is when you are hit with a HUGE mobile phone or cell phone bill at the end of the month and these bills could run into the thousands of dollars! If you are going to be using a phone to chat to a person you have met online don't use your personal mobile or cell phone. Get a cheap pre-paid phone with minimum recharge and use this phone for calling or receiving calls from your online dating contacts.


As blatant as it may seem reading the various online dating scams here. When you get involved with someone online your common sense tends to take a back seat as your emotions and excitement take over, and you do become much more vulnerable than you would usually. The basics to protecting yourself from online dating scams are simple!

  • Join reputable online dating sites that offer paid services.
  • Keep you purse string tied tighter than a fishes bottom.

  • Keep your common sense in the front seat with you at all times.

  • Never loan money or give money to anyone no matter what the reason or circumstances! PERIOD!

More scam and con email types to watch out for can include:
  • Any meaasage that includes any reference to: "God fearing". (Money scams.)

  • Requests for air fares or accommodation money. (Money scams.)

  • You just won a million dollars in a free lottery! (Money scams)

  • You have been selected to receive $10,000! (Money scams.)

  • Emails about marriage agencies or Russian brides. (Fake profiles.)

  • Emails referring you to another singles or dating site. (Fake profiles.)

  • Beware of photos that seem to good to be true. (Fake profiles.)

  • Photos of stunning women in profiles. (Fake profiles from escorts or for money scams.)

Messages you receive from other online dating site members containing any variation of the above mentioned subject matter should be reported to your dating web site administrators immediately.

Below are actual SCAM email messages that were intercepted and captured before they could be sent to the members of an online dating site:

Tell: +22505103844.v
Abidjan, Cote d'ivoire
West Africa

Dear Lovely Lady,


I wish to request for your assistance in a financial transaction. Dear I get your contact from a member of this your sit. I wish to invest in Manufacturing and real estate management in your country.

I have twelve million,five hundred thousand united state dollars USD($12.500,000) to invest in the transaction and I will require your assistance in receiving the funds in your account in your country. I will gladly give you 15% of the total sum for your assistance.

Please it is important you contact me immediately on my private e-mail address ( ) for further explanation.

Awaiting your immediate response and God bless.



Date: 08/26/2006 01:35
Message: Miss Kate Kasaka.
Abidjan-Cote D'Ivoire.
Email :

Dear love,

I am Miss Kate Kasaka. the only Daughter of Late Former Director of Finance, Late Chief Desmond KASAKA,Cote D'Ivoire Diamond and Mining Corporation.I must confess my agitation is real, and my words is my bond, in this proposal.

My late father diverted this money meant for purchase of ammunition for my country,during the peak of disastrous civil war in my country,now he has deposited the money with PRIME BANK Abidjan, where I am residing under political asylums with me Now the war in my country is over with the help of ECOMOG SOLDIERS and FRANCE SOLDIERS, the present Government of Cote D'Ivoire has revoked the passport of all officers who served under the former regime and now asked country to expel such persons at the same time freeze their account and confiscate their assets, it is on this note that i am contacting you.assist me to transfer this money in your private bank account,the said amount is (USD16,000,000).

I am compensating you with 20% of the total money, now all my hope is banked on you and i really want to invest this money in your country where there is stability of government, political and economic welfare.

Honestly, I want you to believe that this transaction is real and never a joke.My late Father Chief DESMOND KASAKA gave me the photocopies of the certificate of deposit issued to him by PRIME BANK on the date of deposit, for you to be clarify because i do not expose myself to anybody I see,I believe that you will be able to keep this transaction secret for me because this money is the hope my life, it is important.Please immediately after you must have gone through my message feel free and make it urgent, that is the reason why I offer you 20% of the total amount and should incase of any other necessary expenses you might incur during this transaction would be taking care of at the end of the day.

N.B: Try and negotiate for me some Profitable blue Chip investment opportunities which is risk free which I can invest with this money when it is transferred to your account. Personally, I am interested in estate management and hotel business, please advise me.Reach me back immediately you receive this message because there is serious war in my country for more explanation and promise me considering our situation.

Thanks and God Bless.

Miss Kate Kasaka.

i Love you so much.

( )

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If we can make enough people aware of the type of activities online scammers use, the risk of people being scammed will be dramatically reduced. With very few people to scam and with very little money to be made, scum bag scammers will hopefully move on and concentrate their illegal scum bag scamming activities elsewhere.

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