20 yo single female seeks 20 to 30 yo male in New South Wales for Marriage.




Babiegalshan2 is a single female seeking a 20 to 30 year old male in New South Wales, the surrounding suburbs, or nearby towns.

sometimes I have to wonder why I keep coming back to this sitei guess curiosity gets the better of mei am a jeans and tshirt kinda girl who cant live without her flipflops. wears her heart on her sleeve. drives too fast and has daily dory moments. that's just mei am a full time uni student studying my nursing degree (found my calling 2. 5 years ago. You could say she was a little late!). I am a very busy woman. working and being a mum also. I'm independent. but would like to meet some one who can put my feet firmly back on the ground and take control. I am so over leading a 'supposedly' called mans hand to r-o-m-a-n-c-e seriously. it should come naturally and not an effort. Trust me I don't ask for much I am literally just over it and am contemplating in just being a spinster for the rest of my life lol is it too much to ask for someone else to actually give a shit?Timing is of the essence for me. mainly poor time management. But every girl can have an excuse! Love the outdoors. dinners. travel. camping. me time. spending time with the family. bbq's. spontaneous adventures and random outings! A man must have his own hobbies. boys time. and space and I get that! I need it too I believe in compromise and happy mediums. Most importantly. I would love to meet someone whose skeletons aren't going to jump out of the rusty old cupboard at me. Everybody has a story to tell. but I value honesty as much as I value my daughter. And that's a lot! Time wasters. I'm just not interested. you don't waste mine I won't waste yours!I think that's enough for now!:) p. S would love honest feedback on my profile if possible. I am pretty thick skinned.

Txt or Message me if you want to have a chat and want to get to know me a little better.

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