About Us

AAA Matilda resurrected.

AAA.com.au web site has had a colourful and tumultuous history. Over the years the aaa.com.au web site has gone through many changes – evolving, devolving, shifting sideways, having hope, morphing ideas and dissolving into a bubbling cauldron of despair, confusion and misdirection.

In the mid 1990’s AAA Matilda was one of Australia’s leading search engines of the day. Fragmented by the deep and dark evil forces of cyberspace in the late 1990’s, AAA Matilda was lost forever with only a micron of history remaining, scattered amongst the fibres of time, space and technology.

1920 AAA Matilda AI operation.Today, we have carefully placed AAA Matilda back on the operations table, induced her with a defibrillation of over 419,360 lines of WordPress code, infused her cold motionless heart with a Pulp Fiction syringe of heart warming adrenalin. The micro-seconds seemed like micro years, the atmosphere intense, not a sound could be heard, not even a mouse.

Impatiently intense waiting with uncertainty, then, an explosion of sounds the celebration of success erupted throughout the theatre as the ECG pulse line ‘pinged‘ … ‘pinged’ for the first time in what many would of considered a ”lifetime”. The pulse ping was ever so soft, but growing louder with every pulse, stronger, and louder indicating the normal rhythm of life returning with every passing moment!

Celebrations continued, woohoo girls ‘woohooing’, theatre techs ‘cackling’,  cheerleaders ‘cheering’, and for the rest of us… hand shaking, back slapping and hearty congratulations all round. Teary embraces with total strangers was even being witnessed.  As the celebrations continue all around me, I took a moment to reflect of the complexities of the long and intense operation, and about the chilling respite period that would be a very slow and painful process. A respite period that promises hardship and pain abound with blood, sweat and tears.

While it’s still very early days, the monuments announcement we had been longing for could now be projected… LADIES, GENTLEMEN AND THOSE STILL UNDECIDED!!

It’s with heartfelt pride, and a teaspoon of sugar that I proudly announce the beginning of a new chapter of the evolution of aaa.com.au …

AAA LIFE! … the lifestyle channel of Leisure, Interests, Fashion and E-commerce!

AAA lives! Long live AAA LIFE!