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Autoglym Polar Blaster Foam Snow Cannon AURBPKIT

Polar Blaster is a unique foam gun designed to work in harmony with all Polar Series products, providing the speediest way to safely pre-wash, wash and protect your vehicle. Connectors for popular Karcher and Gerni pressure washers are included. For all others, please refer to the manufacturer of your pressure washer for connectors. Polar Blaster creates lashings of thick, clingy foam with Polar Blast, optimises the density required to efficiently deep clean with Polar Wash and produces the perfect consistency to apply the hyper-hydrophobic Polar Seal in seconds. The adjustable spray pattern allows you to easily follow your cars contours, ensuring total coverage and appropriate dwell time on mud, traffic film and other contaminants. Complete a full exterior car care routine in a way that is quick, fun and safe for your cars surfaces, reducing the risk of swirl marks and scratches. How to use this product Polar Blaster Assembly: Attach the clear Pickup Tube (C) to the brass nozzle on the underside of the Foam Gun Head (B). Attach the black end of the Connector (A) to the hand gun on your pressure washer. Pull back the spring-loaded brass collar on the Connector (A) and connect it to the silver nozzle on the Foam Gun Head (B). Polar Blaster In Use: Dilute the product at the recommended rate, outlined on the sidewall of the Polar reservoir bottle (D). Screw the Foam Gun Head (B) onto the Polar reservoir bottle (D) and attach the Polar Blaster to your pressure washer lance. Aiming at the floor, pull the trigger on your pressure washer, allowing the Polar product to feed through. Turn the Dial (E) to adjust the foam level and turn the Nozzle (F) to change the spray pattern. Once the Polar product has fed through at the desired level, begin applying to your car in accordance with the relevant Polar Series product instructions. Rinse the reservoir bottle with clean water after using it with each product. Flush through the Polar Blaster with clean water when you have finished using it to apply all intended products.

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