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Bosch PBR2108SL Brake Disc Rotors Pair

Are you in the market for new brake disc rotors and will only accept OE quality for your vehicle? Look no further than the quality PBR2108SL pair of disc rotors from Bosch.As the world's number one brake system supplier, Bosch works continuously to improve their products at every level. Their brake discs are no exception, with recent upgrades to their packaging materials to minimize disc shifting while in transit and ensure every disc arrives in excellent, ready-to-install condition.Designed to European specifications, Bosch brake discs outperform some of the highest safety standards while also enjoying up to a 30% longer life than other brands through the elimination of casting defects. Plus, with visual wear indicators to help technicians easily identify when they need replacing, Bosch brake discs are the top choice for both consumers, manufacturers, and repair professionals.Since they began developing these products in 1969, Bosch has continued to hold their products to the highest standards of safety and driver comfort. That's why they're the leading supplier of OE brake discs anywhere in the world, with the likes of Toyota, Volkswagen, Opel, General Motors, BMW and AUDI and others relying on their brake systems to keep their vehicles on the road.Once installed, Bosch brake discs are also among the quietest. Through advanced research and minimal tolerance for run-out and disc thickness variation (DTV), Bosch avoids the pedal vibrations, wheel pulsation, and brake noise associated with such quality issues.Bosch Part References:PBR2108SLF 026 A05 779F026A05779

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