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Exedy Clutch Kit FMK-7672 Ford Standard Replacement

If you're experiencing slippage, chattering, whining, vibrations, difficulty shifting, or your clutch pedal is hard to depress, you can not only restore proper performance with one of EXEDY's OEM Standard Replacement Clutch Kits, you can experience the smoothest shifting possible. EXEDY manufactures replacement clutches, racing clutch assemblies, friction discs, pressure plates, flywheels, and more, and is known around the world for their high-quality OE Replacement Clutch Kits.EXEDY is a global supplier of top-rated clutches and power-train parts for motor vehicles, designed and built to OEM specifications. EXEDY provides clutch options for Japanese model vehicles as well as American, European and Korean model vehicles.EXEDY Standard OEM replacement kits have a reputation for durability, advanced engineering and highest quality parts. EXEDY was founded in the early 1920's and supplies quality powertrain products, setting the standard for other manufacturers. With advanced mechanisms, premium quality facings, and high quality assemblies, EXEDY clutch kits are guaranteed to deliver a correct fit and function on every vehicle.If your manual-transmission has less than 80,000 kms, it doesn't mean that your clutch isn't wearing out. Clutch longevity is directly related to driving style; if you've been heavy on the clutch or driving in start and stop traffic, it's possible that your clutch is ready for a replacement. Check with your local mechanic or pay attention to rough shifting, slippage, or a hard to depress clutch, your clutch assembly showing signs of wear. Enlist help from the number one brand for your replacement clutch kit. All car manufacturers categorise ""wearable"" items on their cars that are not covered by warranties, and clutch assemblies are on that list.All of the EXEDY clutch kits are designed for a wide range of makes and models warranted against faulty material and/or manufacturing faults. So whether you're looking for a factory style replacement or a performance clutch kit for your vehicle, Automotive Superstore has an entire line of EXEDY Clutch Kits online, including OEM Replacement, Sports Tuff, Safari Tuff, Racing Clutch and Truck Tuff. Use our search function, vehicle finder or contact one of our friendly staff for your new Exedy clutch.

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