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Fuelmiser CC462 Ignition Coil

Ignition coils are an essential part of a vehicles fuel system which converts the low voltage delivered by the battery into the high voltage required to fire the spark plugs and ignite the fuel/air mixture. Ignition coils are surplus to requirements in diesel engines as they rely on compression ignition rather than spark plugs. Damage to an ignition coil is often caused by a bad wire leading to a spark plug. Increased electrical resistance causes the coil to produce a far higher voltage than necessary leading to premature wear. A damaged ignition coil can foul up every other process further down the line in turning gasoline into movement. Without a properly functioning ignition coil a vehicle can being to misfire and stall because the spark needed to ignite the fuel/air mixture simply isnt there. Drivers may experience drastically reduced power and backfiring from unburnt fuel making its way through the cylinders and into the exhaust pipe. Of course this also causes your fuel economy to take a dive. A faulty ignition coil should be replaced as soon as possible. Automotive Superstores got what you need with a range of top-quality Fuelmiser ignition coils. Simply use the parts finder above or let one of our product experts find the perfect one for you today!

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