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Fuelmiser CSCA325 Camshaft Sensor

Camshaft sensors are used in internal combustion engines to determine where each cylinder is during its stroke cycle and allow the ECU to decide when the optimal moment to begin the injection and combustion process is. Working with your engines crankshaft sensor the camshaft sensor provides essential information to the ECU to make sure that all of the engines internal processes happen at precisely the right time. Camshaft sensors are among the most important electronic sensors on modern engines as their readings affect not only fuel economy but the most basic functions that allow an engine to run under its own power. A faulty camshaft sensor will normally lead to a check engine light and cause your car to go into a limp mode with drastically reduced power designed to get it to the nearest mechanic if not shut down completely. Its therefore extremely important to the health of your engine to deal with any camshaft sensor issues as quickly as possible. Automotive Superstore can supply you with Fuelmisers extensive range of camshaft sensors for all makes and models of vehicle from the domestic, European and Japanese markets. Not sure which camshaft sensor is right for your vehicle? Contact one of our Automotive Superstore product specialists and let them help you find the perfect sensor today!

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