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KYB 741072 Excel-G Shock Absorber

EXCEL-G The most popular KYB series in the world, Excel-G shock absorbers are the absolute best product to restore original handling and control. Excel-G shock absorbers have been designed to compensate for wear in other suspension parts, while providing superior handling and comfort than many other original equipment units. Twin tube gas shock absorbers, struts and cartridges for all makes of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. All Excel-G Shock Absorbers and Struts have been engineered to incorporate advanced 3 stage compression and rebound valving, and pressurised nitrogen gas, to provide exceptional ride comfort while dramatically reducing aeration and foaming that commonly leads to suspension fade. Additionally, the innovative Excel-G damping design also compensates for wear in other suspension components, while delivering excellent road control and superb handling response. Features: Multi-lip oil seal to reduce possibility of oil leakage. Pressurised Nitrogen (N2) gas to reduce foaming and aeration, deliver better performance. Hard-chromed piston rod to reduce friction. Seamless cylinder to reduce possibility of splitting. 3-stage rebound valving to give better control. 3-stage compression valve to assure fast recovery. Sintered iron piston and rod guide to add strength. Wear resistant piston ring to reduce friction & leakage. All weather fluid to maintain constant viscosity regardless of external temperatures. Seamless eye ring to reduce possibility of breakage. Rebound cushion prolongs life. Teflon coated bushing reduces wear.

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