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NGK MR7F Spark Plug

NGK is the leading manufacturer of spark plugs supplying millions of spark plugs every year their range fits the majority of Australian vehicles and they are tested for our conditions.The NGK spark plug range consists of the following types of spark plugs;Laser IridiumLaser Iridium spark plugs are NGK's highest performing spark plugs they feature an Iridium tip with a platinum pad / chip these plugs have an extremely long service life of 100 000km's and offer the best performance.Laser PlatinumNGK Laser Platinum spark plugs feature both a Platinum Centre and ground Electrode these spark plugs have a long service life 100 000km's and offer a high ignition point.IRIDIUM IXIrdium IX plugs have an Iridium tip Nickel ground electrode and a Higher melting point. These spark plugs are less prone to oxidation than platinum plugs offers much longer durability and service life (60 000km).Standard / NickelNickel NGK spark plugs have a service life of up to 40 000 km's these are a general purpose which offer great value and will fit most passenger vehicles.

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