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NTK RN116J-CWE Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

NTK EXHAUST GAS TEMPERATURE SENSORS Modern exhaust after treatment systems require control in regard to efficiency and component protection. The exhaust temperature sensor serves as a temperature monitor for turbochargers, catalytic converters, diesel particle filters and nitrogen oxide reduction systems. It is used for monitoring the optimal operating point as well as for potential protection of temperature overload of the relevant components, thus making it an important component for the reduction of unnecessary harmful emissions from vehicles. The newest generation uses a thermistor element in the tip of the sensor. The thinner structure of newest sensors guarantees shorter response time than previous generations and other technologies on the market. Furthermore, the temperature range is wider than ever before. NTK's 4th generation exhaust gas temperature sensors are able to measure temperatures from -40 degrees celsius up to 900 degrees celsius. The sensor's small size ensures low weight and the powder-filled element support guarantees high vibration resistance.

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