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Silvers Neomax Black Edition Coilovers BV116 Volkswagen Beetle 1L/1S 11-19

Silver's NEOMAX BLACK EDITION Coilovers are for the performance driver and weekend track day enthusiast but who still wants an easy to live with street car. The Silver's NEOMAX BLACK EDITION coilovers are a monotube shock, independently height adjustable, with 40 levels of dampening adjustment, and come with an 15-month warranty. The NEOMAX BLACK EDITION feature a firmer ride than NEOMAX S, making it perfect for the street car that doubles as a weekend trackday weapon. Please allow 7 days for assembly plus shipping. Where applicable, NEOMAX BLACK EDITION Coilovers also include rear camber adjustable top plates at no extra charge.Neomax Black Edition Features:Adjustable Camber Plates (Where Applicable)Our camber plates are made from T6 6061 Aluminum and are protected by an anodized finish. For NEOMAX BLACK EDITION they come standard on the front and rear of any McPherson style strut application and are designed to offer up to 3 degree's of camber adjustment at any ride height to dial in your aligment.Pillowball Top Mounts (Where Applicable)Our pillowball mounts are comprised of two main parts: A SUJ2 Steel bearing, and a Chromoly Steel 2 piece case. Pillowball mounts provide bind free operation and precise feedback to the driver.Fully Height AdjustableOur coilovers are fully height adjustable via the lower mount with no need to change preload and sacrifice shock stroke. Simply loosening the lower locking ring and rotating the entire coilover you will be able to easily fine tune your ride height or weight distibution for corner balancing on track applications.oem fit steel lower mountsOur steel lower mounts are engineered extensively for strength with key area's reinforced. They are designed with all of the features of the OEM system to be sure every brake line and ABS sensor harness is securely mounted. This keeps installation simple and straight forward.Aluminum Lower BracketsT6 6061 Aluminum lower mounts are used on multilink suspension setups. These are CAD Designed to ensure oem fitment and are lighter than steel components which also help reduce unsprung weight.Carbon Steel Shock BodyOur shock bodies are made from ultra high strength JIS G3445-STKM13C (DIN2393-ST44-2) carbon steel and are electroless nickel plated for

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