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BSN True Mass 2.6kg

Are you tired of being nick-named as a ‘match stick’ or a ‘pole’? Well, throw those worries into the bin, for there is the best offered solution: BSN TRUE MASS.

Gaining some true weight after holding a long termed history of a lean body stature is not at all an easy job. But then, BSN True Mass is the ultimate lean muscle and mass gainer. Its ultra finest protein content is specifically designed to successfully sustain as well as develop higher caloric intake. This in turn maximizes the lean mass accretion; leading to a long termed sustained increase the blood amino acid levels and muscles. Boost up the optimal rates of anabolism, i.e. the muscle-protein synthesis with the True Mass. Be assured, this product shall not only urge fast recovery and repair of damaged cells, but also internally provide the confidence boost.    

All of you who need that added caloric support and crested levels of nutrients; BSN True Mass is just for you. A perfect fusion of the BCAAs, Glutamine Peptides, MCTs, Glutamine AKG, Fiber & Active protein enzymes and a great taste, True Mass is a multi-functional blend that feeds your muscles for over 8 hours at stretch. The carbohydrates cater the energy requirements while the MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) and the EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) ensure the safety of your heart and hormonal activities.

The BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) balance the nitrogen levels in your body, fibers ensure the nutrients in-take, the glutamine peptides look after the recovery and the glutamine AKG ascertains maximum anti-catabolic effects. Many more nutrients take up the charge of your healthy body with these vital elements.





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