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Gen-Tec Glutamine 320 - 500g


Gen-Tec Glutamine 320 - 500g

Gen-Tec Nutrition source and blend the highest quality pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine.  It has the lowest impurity content of our naturally derived L-Glutamine product.  Our manufacturer use an '18 stage' natural fermentation and filtration process.  These two factors contribute to bio-availability and absorption (not solubility in water).  L-Glutamine requires no carriers to enter the bloodstream or muscle cells.  L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue comprising about 60% of the free amino acids in the blood and muscles.  It is also very abundant in the immune system.

Supplementation of L-Glutamine helps restore levels in muscle providing an anabolic environment, muscle growth.   It will also restore health and integrity of the immune system preventing overtraining syndrome.


Highlights of Gen-Tec Glutamine 320 - 500g

Bioavailable L-Glutamine requires no carriers to enter bloodstream

Provide an anabolic environment for muscle growth 

Restore health and integrity to the immune system

Crosses the blood-brain barrier for improved concentration

Gen-Tec Nutrition Glutamine 320 combines well with Ceatine for increased lean muscle


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