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Gen-Tec Pro Mass Weight Gainer 3kg


Gen-Tec Pro Mass Weight Gainer 3kg is a supplementary sports food developed for individuals with a need to gain extra weight or improve recovery from high intensity exercise 

Pro Mass Weight Gainer is a combination of micro filtered WPI (fast digesting) and instantised WPC (medium/slow digesting) sourced exclusively from New Zealand.  The high essential/branch chain amino acid content of pro-mass make it an ideal product to use post exercise to support muscle growth and repair.

The maltodextrin (derived from corn) in Pro Mass contains short and medium chain carbohydrates for instant energy and glycogen replenishment in muscle tissue. Fructose (derived from fruit) contains a large chain carbohydrate for more sustained energy and glycogen replenishment in the liver. Carbohydrates are essential for individuals with a fast metabolism wanting to gain weight as they provide a major fuel source for intense exercise and are protein sparing to create an anabolic environment conducive to building muscle mass.

Pro Mass contains a high amount of MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) to aid those with a fast metabolism as a fuel source and to improve nitrogen retention. Optipure Creatine Monohydrate has been added to Pro Mass to support energy, strength and muscle growth. Theraputic grade Colostrum containing more than 35% immunoglobulin G has been included in Pro Mass to support immunity and digestion thereby improving the ability to gain quality weight in a healthy environment.

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