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Horleys Replace - Electrolyte Sports Drink 1.6kg

Replace Electrolyte Sports Drink by Horleys become the most popular in New Zealand and a recommended use for trainers and to those with dietary habit. The main benefits of Replace is to maintain hydration to exercising bodies and the electrolytes help assist the absorption and replace fluids in losing sweat especially during hard exercise. On the other hand, this prevent dehydration, replenishes fluid and energy. It is even better than for concentrated sports drink with an appealing taste or flavor. Another good for this product is the fast Isotonic that stimulates absorption and maintains fluid balance, with 7.5% carbohydrate for rapid gastric emptying and superior hydration to plain water, it has more sodium to enhance palatability which promotes fluid retention and keep you drinking. Replace, is excellent for all sports people especially those undergoing vigorous and extended bouts of training as well as those who require mid-event fluid replacement. Replace, is also suitable for people recovering from illness where fluid loss and dehydration is a factor, and is also the ideal drink for anyone whose job involves heavy or hard labour in warm to hot temperatures, where the risk of dehydration could be dangerous (builders, truck drivers, forestry workers, firemen, shearers etc.)

We've also had reports from multiple reliable sources that Replace, makes an excellent hangover cure - but it works best if you can remember to drink it before going to bed!

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