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Myogenix Myo-Whey 5 lbs can help you build muscle mass, lose body fat, and maintain your health. The whey protein used for Myogenix Myo-Whey Deluxe has a strong amino acid profile. It uses only top-notch ingredients and is easily digested. This delicious protein powder is highly mixable in liquid. It can be used as a regular protein shake alongside a meal, or it can be added to your oatmeal or cold cereal to increase your protein intake. It uses only top-notch ingredients and is easily digested.

Compare the Amino Acid profile of Myo-Whey with your current protein supplement and see who wins!

To build muscle you need protein, and lots of it. Not just any protein, but a high quality whey protein, packed with Branch Chain Amino Acids and Essential Amino Acids.

Myo-Whey uses a non denatured, ultra filtered, high quality whey protein concentrate, with a trememdous Amino Acid profile. We've also added predigested whey peptides for super fast absorption. An ideal pre-workout or pre-event drink. Plus, Myo-Whey tastes great, even in water!

Recommended protein consumption:

• Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes: Consume 1-1.6g of protein per lb. of body weight.

• Recreational Athletes and Endurance Athletes: Consume 0.5-1g of protein per lb. of body weight.

Myogenix Myo-Whey 5 lbs Ingredients

MYO-WHEY DELUXE PROTEIN BLEND (whey protein isolate, cross flow micro-filtered whey protein concentrate, egg albumin, whey hydrolysate), natural and artificial vanilla flavors, sucralose.

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