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Nutra-Life Milk Thistle 17,000 Plus 120 Capsules

Milk Thistle 17,000 Complex is a powerful antioxidant formula that supports healthy liver function, digestion, cholesterol levels and detoxification.  It may also assist in the treatment of mild digestive disorders.

It provides 17,000mg of Milk Thistle, a liver protective herb that has a long history of traditional use to support healthy liver function and contains silymarin -- known to protect antioxidant levels against free radical damage associated with stress and environmental pollutants.

Other ingredients included in this formula include:

Globe Artichoke is a bitter tonic with liver-protective and restorative properties.

Dandelion Root boosts liver and gallbladder function, and has been used to help with liver problems and congestion.

Burdock provides nourishing support for the blood and the liver, and helps rid the body of metabolic wastes.

Schizandra fruit has an active ingredient known as lignans which activate the enzymes in liver cells that produce glutathione – a powerful antioxidant that detoxifies harmful substances so that they can be excreted through the bile.

Taurine removes toxic chemicals and metabolites from the body.



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