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Vital Strength BCAA 4:1:1 375g


Vital Strength BCAA 4:1:1 Powder 375g


Athletes with various training goals use branched chain amino acid supplements to enhance their performance, increase muscle size and decrease catabolism (muscle tissue breakdown). Vitalstrength BCAA powder contains Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in a 4:1:1 muscle building ratio.




BCAA’s are comparable between suppliers with little difference in the core ingredients, however not all products available in Australia are manufactured using certified and pharmaceutical grade ingredients and ONLY Vitalstrength uses Vitalsorb Bioavailability to increase mixability, solubility and taste making it a more desirable choice for performance athletes.






BCAA’s are a vital component of muscle tissue and are involved in protein synthesis, nitrogen balance and conservation of muscle mass. Athletes, especially bodybuilders have reported muscle growth and strength benefits with BCAA supplementation.i




BCAA’s are the preferred group of amino acids for energy use in both power and endurance athletes.  Research has concluded that the body uses all three branched chain amino’s for energy during exercise as well as during rest, but uses leucine most often.ii




A powdered BCAA product offers you the versatility of being able to vary your serving size as required.  Research indicates a serving size of between 8g-15g per day for a person undertaking physical activity, noting that some of this will be obtained by BCAA rich foods. Taking a BCAA supplement twice a day is a convenient way to boost your daily intake.

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