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Blackstone Labs OrthoBolic 60 Capsules


Recovery is key when it comes to developing your bodys muscles and overall performance. The harder you go, the more stress you cause your body. This is a good thing in the end, though. As your body naturally rebuilds itself, it always bounces back stronger than before. This is how we get ahead of the curve; the drive to go all-out, balls-to-the-wall intensity when training and lifting.

We know how easy it is to shrug off this kind of advice, as valid as it may be. Pushing it to the limit definitely has its drawbacks. You may wake up the next day stiff, sore, achy, etc. The discomfort is real and not to be trifled with. Your body reacts to stress through inflammation, but you'd rather push yourself through it. You want to just do the damn thing. It goes back to the age-old conflict between body and mind.

Remember, this is Blackstone Labs and we use chemistry and real science to game the system. Forget using kid-friendly, low-grade, over-the-counter drugs and get ready for something that actually works! Introducing OrthoBolic! OrthoBolic contains our very own trademarked ingredients that are designed to clean up and repair your joints, allowing to go totally apeshit in the gym and bounce back faster than ever before! It interacts with your bodys own inflammatory response mechanisms to rebuild and restore itself with as little downtime as possible. Say goodbye to limping up to the bench and floundering through half-assed sets.

OrthoBolic is also great for lifetime weightlifters. It actively cleans up joints that have been whittled down by years of stress. No more knock kneed wobble-walking through the gym lobby after doing what you love so much. Feel the freedom to be who you really are deep down and reconnect with that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment that you were so accustomed to when you were younger. Go harder, feel stronger, while at the same time being less stiff, less sore, and most of all, less concerned about placing limitations on yourself.

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