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Image of Body Ripped Sports EAA Plus 300g

Body Ripped Sports EAA Plus 300g

Body Ripped's newest and MOST ADVANCED amino acid product is now available!
EAA's are those aminos which must be obtained daily from the diet, and include the BCAA's (Branch-Chain Amino Acids) plus other aminos key to muscle growth and recovery, protein synthesis, and hormone regulation. Athletes and bodybuilders world-wide are now discovering that the performance and recovery benefits of EAA's may be even greater than that of BCAA's alone.
EAA PLUS is the ultimate EAA product - intended as a true substitute for whey or dairy proteins - with all 8 essential amino acids - PLUS Histadine and Glutamine but with zero lactose and fat. And unlike dairy proteins. EAA PLUS is almost instantly absorbed - to ramp up your muscle growth and recovery FAST.
EAA PLUS also has the energising and nitric boosting Citrulline, plus vitamin B6, a key nutrient in the conversion of essential aminos to non-essential.
EAA PLUS is flavoured, so you can add it to any protein/recovery drink or supplement stack, or to cereals, desserts or other foods.
EAA PLUS has many uses:
As a PRE-WORKOUT BOOSTER, EAA PLUS can reduce muscle catabolism, and boost energy.
As a POST EXERCISE RECOVERY formula, EAA PLUS can be eliminate muscle breakdown, and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.
As a de-facto PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT, EAA PLUS can be used between meals (to boost protein synthesis), with meals (to improve protein quality and raise protein levels), or anytime you need a fast acting amino infusion!

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