Buy Dynamik Muscle Prey 2lb (907g) : Chocolate online in Australia.

Image of Dynamik Muscle Prey 2lb (907g) : Chocolate

Dynamik Muscle Prey 2lb (907g) : Chocolate

PREY - Whey Protein Formula


The staple of every serious athletes supplement regiment starts right here. 24 grams of the highest quality protein that is absolutely essential if you want peak gains and performance. Do not hesitate for a second when buying this product. Rest assured knowing that youre getting high performance ingredients exactly dosed as they should be.


Whether you are supplementing Prey immediately post workout to hit your optimal window for new muscle gains or throughout the day when it may be hard for you to eat whole foods, Prey is a great solution for your dietary protein needs. Studies prove that a diet with at least 1 gram of protein per pound of lean muscle equates to better muscle hypertrophy and strength than with those not meeting the requirements. Could you still make gains without Prey? Probably, but would they be as fast and efficient? Think again.

Protein is filling and keeping blood sugar levels stable is the key component. Adding protein to each meal will not only make you feel better between meals, but also keep you out of a hypoglycemic state which makes us irritable and crave carbs. By keeping protein abundant we eliminate that aspect of our diet which then leads to better fat loss.

It is simple. Do you want new muscle? Yes! How does that happen? Keep a steady supply of protein in the body 24/7. If youre training hard, but not supplying the muscle with enough protein it will harvest your own bodys protein to help repair the damage youve done by working out hard. Thats why some people train and grow and others train and stay the same. Feed your body properly and watch what happens.

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