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Image of Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout 900g

Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout 900g

What is Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout?

Sure, you may have taken your pre-workout and you’re ready to get into the gym but what are you doing to support your gains during the workout?

Pre-workouts are made to give you the fuel necessary to get started. Once your body uses up that fuel during a workout, you’re left with an empty tank. This is where intra-workout supplements come into play. High quality intra-workout supplements contain powerful ingredients to boost strength, increase the pump and keep your energy levels soaring. When you want the best intra-workout supplement in the industry, you want to get your hands on Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout.

Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout combines proven muscle performance boosters along with workout support. You can use Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout on its own or in conjunction with a pre and post workout supplement. The name of the game is the power of the pump. Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout focuses on ensuring your muscles are ready to conquer your workout and have plenty of energy left over after it’s all done. Achieve success with Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout.

What are the benefits of using Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout?

Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout has been uniquely designed to ensure the muscles have what they need to keep going through your toughest sets. Your pre-workout can only do so much. This is where Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout can help. Taken as directed, Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout may be able to support your intra-workout performance.


Converts into ATP, the preferred fuel source of muscle tissue
May be able to boost intra-workout strength
May help withpost-workout recovery


May support muscle recovery
May boost lean muscle mass
May trigger protein synthesis


May help with recovery
May be able to prevent protein breakdown
Supports muscle building goals (1-3)

Who should be using Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout?

Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout is for anyone who is stepping into a weight room, on the track, or in the pool and needs to ensure their muscles are up for the task at hand. Combining the best intra-workout nutrients in the industry, Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout is the ideal choice for any fitness enthusiast who wants to stay strong and see results.


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