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Image of Labrada BA-Endurance 120 Capsules

Labrada BA-Endurance 120 Capsules

Labrada BA-Endurance 120 Capsules is an amino acid supplement containing 100% pure beta-alanine. This product combines with histidine (another amino acid) in the muscle tissue to increase muscle carnosine stores.

The Carnosine delays muscle fatigue through its buffering action on acid build-up in muscles and this in return increases your endurance and ability to work out longer.

Highlights Of Labrada BA-Endurance 120 Capsules

•    Increase muscular endurance and stamina

•    Works Fast

•    Increase total workout performance

Ingredients Present In Labrada BA-Endurance 120 Capsules

Beta-Alanine, Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate

Recommended Directions

Take 2 capsules with a 250ml glass of water 3 times daily. On workout days, take 2 capsules approximately 30 minutes before you workout.


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