Buy Maxines Burn Cookie 40g (Box of 12) online in Australia.

Image of Maxines Burn Cookie 40g (Box of 12)

Maxines Burn Cookie 40g (Box of 12)

Maxines Burn Cookie 40g 

These high protein , low carbohydrates cookies provide you with satisfaction on your hunger and cravings yet, helping you to BURN fat, for a leaner and toned body.  The unique thermogenic formula combined with Maxine's Protein Blend make this treat different from other bars or cookies in the market today.


Maxine's Protein Blend

Whey Protein Isolate - nature's most bio-available protein. WPI is derived from milk and is highly purified. It is widely recognised by elite athletes and sports scientists as the pinnacle of proteins for building and toning human muscle. For the woman athlete or trainer, WPI is the ideal protein for shaping and toning.


Whey Protein Concentrate – a high quality protein derived from milk that contains special protein segments called "peptides" that have valuable health promoting properties including boosting your immune system and stabilizing hormone function.


Calcium Caseinate – another unique dairy protein that plays a special role in controlling your appetite. After ingestion, this protein forms a slow digesting gel in your stomach that gives you an ongoing feeling of satisfaction so you won't feel hungry – the ideal protein to help your willpower while watching your kilojoules.


Soy Protein Isolate - This vegetable derived protein is slower digesting, and like Calcium Caseinate, helps keep you feeling fuller for longer.


Block Carbs to Strip Fat

Plant derived nutrients have been shown through studies to alter the way your body metabolises carbohydrates. Maxine's Bars include Phaseolamin, a natural nutrient derived from white kidney beans. It acts to block the digestion of starches like bread, rice and potatoes in your digestive tract. This results is less starch breakdown, therefore, less carb absorption.


Highlights of Maxines Burn Cookie 40g 

13 grams Protein

High in Fibre

Less than 2g of sugars

Carb Blockers

Fat Burners

Two delicious flavours 

Price: $28.13 from Amino Z

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