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Maxs IntraBoost Advance 450g


MAXS IntraBoost Advance is our new and improved Intra-workout formula designed to maximise your training intensity to the end of every workout. It is highly concentrated and contains 8 grams of pure pharmaceutical grade BCAAS in a 2:1:1 ratio. Based on current Sports Medicine Research this ratio will give enhanced training performance, muscle recovery and protein synthesis. Sip on MAXS IntraBoost Advance while you train and experience the difference our formula can make.

Accelerate Recovery.
Maximise Power.
Increase Protein Synthesis.
Stimulate Nitric Oxide.

Advanced BCAA formula with Electrolyte Buffer and Lactic acid buffer!

Getting the most out of every workout means pushing all out to failure during your maximum weight sets. But it's just as important to recover between sets so you can do it again, and again, and again. This is what sets a great workout apart from an average one. This is where you make progress, overload your muscle, and force it to grow back bigger and stronger for next time. And this is what IntraBoost Advance is for, to maximise energy during your working sets so you reach that point of overload. And then to help replenish your reserves quickly so your next set is just as brutal. To do this we've developed an advanced Recovery Complex to keep you going hard right to the end of your workout and set you up for faster recovery after you finish your workout.

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