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HYDROPURE™ contains premium muscular building blocks to support efficient gains and repair/maintain lean muscle tissue at any time of the day. This elite protein supplement is ultra-refined for purity and hydrolyzed for efficient absorbtion into the body. This means your muscles get the dense macro-nutrition they need faster than ever. Whey also happens to be the most biologically potent isolate on the planet.


It’s fairly easy to build muscle if you combine a high-protein diet with a consistent weight-lifting routine, but how easy is it to achieve a super-lean muscle tone? Not very. Many bodybuilders and other athletes strive for that shredded look but few achieve it when their protein intake is still high in fats. HYDROPURE™ utilizes the purest form of hydrolyzed whey protein to maintain maximum protein and minimal calories. Besides boasting a massive 28g dosage of protein, it is also completely carbohydrate and fat free (*chocolate contains 0.5g carbs and 0.5g fats)! This lean, mean formula is specially design to provide the support you need to build and maintain astonishing muscle size and definition.


HYDROPURE’s™ concentrated whey protein isolate is refined with the most scientifically advanced hydrolyzation process available. Hydrolyzation works by seperating fats and lactose from the whey and creating small peptides or bonds that link the amino acids of the blend. The result is an ultra-pure blend with an unmatchable protein ratio of over 93% protein in every serving! The other benefit to the hydrolyzation process is that the protein is now designed to be easier for your body to digest and absorb, making it very efficient when you are looking for instant nourishment.


HYDROPURE™ utilizes whey in its most perfect form. This hydrolyzed isolate is ultra-refined for purity, digestibility, and bio-availability. In addition to containing zero carbs and zero fats (*chocolate contains 0.5g of carbs and 0.5g of fats), HYDROPURE™ is also gluten-free! This means optimal muscle growth that caiters to athletes with Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or simply those wanting to streamline their diet.

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