Buy SAN BCAA-Pro Reloaded 456g online in Australia.

Image of SAN BCAA-Pro Reloaded 456g

SAN BCAA-Pro Reloaded 456g


12:1:1 Ratio Water Soluble Branch Chained Amino Acids

Spares muscle after endurance training

Greater protein synthesis after strength training

12:1:1 Ratio of L-Leucine : L-Isoleucine : L-Valine

PLUS glutamine supports even greater protein synthesis

Highly water soluble, better absorption*

Engineered to Ensure the Highest Level of Effectiveness

Here’s why: SAN’s sports nutrition scientists have developed a highly absorbable form of BCAA’s with a ratio of BCAA’s that has 10x the potential for growth, repair and recovery.

SAN created an extremely water soluble form of instantized BCAAs (iBCAA Solv). In simple terms, more of the product is used by the human body.

Leucine: Activates Anabolism – Deactivates Catabolism

It’s the primary ingredient in BCAA Pro Reloaded. It’s been proven to be the most anabolic of all essential amino acids directly controlling the activation of protein synthesis in the body. Studies show intense training breaks down muscle protein (Catabolism) which remains depleted until L-Leucine is replenished.

BCAA Reloaded, steps up with the highest dose of L-Leucine rich BCAA’s powered by a 12: 1: 1 ratio of L-Leucine: Isoleucine and Valine.

In addition, BCAA PRO RELOADED also contains 2.5g of L-Glutamine per serving. It’s the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle tissue. Studies show the L-Glutamine can: minimize muscle tissue breakdown, improve protein metabolism, positively affect the immune system, support the digestive tract, and nourishes muscle cells and more.

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