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UPS Ultimate Male 50 Capsules

NEW Testosterone booster from UPS

Ultimate Male as the name suggests is an all natural formula to help men increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone being paramount in men for physical development, metabolism, energy production, muscular mass, bone density and libido.

As science shows in men. Testosterone usually declines from the age of 21yrs progressively. Keeping Testosterone levels elevated can maintain youthful appearance, physical peak, control increases in body fat and higher sexual drive.

Ultimate Male contains a potent blend of ingredients presented in extremely high extracted form enabling smaller amounts of ingredients to be super dosed.

The main ingredients Tribulus Terrestris at a whopping 7700mg (per capsule) extremely high in Protodioscin and Wild Yam (1500mg) present steroidal alkaloids called diosegins.

Diosegins work by naturally stimulating the Leutenzing Hormone (LH) levels in the body.

(LH) in males acts on the Leydig cells of the testes and is primarily responsible for the production of testosterone.

Beta Ecdysterone has biological effects on humans when orally ingested as behaving similar to anabolic steroids without the androgenic (Bad) effects as from the synthetic compounds.

Black Pepper extract is added to enhance uptake, dilate capillaries to increase blood flow to sensative organs and is a natural anti inflammatory.

Ultimate Male (test booster) is maximised the longer you use it and peaks around 8-10 weeks then remains stable keeping your testosterone levels above normal limitations.

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