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VPX Giant Gains 4.5kg


So you want to get big? Ask any top professional athlete and they will tell you that the battle for size and strength is not waged primarily with weights, but rather the fork and knife. The hardest part of any bodybuilders or athletes job is ingesting the massive amount of calories needed to gain and maintain muscle mass. Even the bravest assault in the gym will be a waste of time and energy without adequate high-quality nutrients to fuel the battle for the size, power and speed you seek. If you want to increase muscle mass, then the first thing you need to increase is calories. But not just any calories. Noticeable increases in muscle and performance can only be achieved with increased consumption of high-quality nutrients.

1000 calories per serving.
52 grams of High-quality, Blended Time Released Proteins.
Energetic Complex Carbohydrate Matrix.
Fiber for sparing protein and improving digestion.
Lean Mass Enhancing Fats.

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