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Body Science BSC Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro Themogenic 300g

The wait is over! Introducing GOLD LABEL ALPHA SERIES by Body Science.

If youre seeking a pharmaceutical formula not a sports food that can not only help you achieve your weight loss goals, but also makes you feel good then support the real science behind Body Science GOLD LABEL ALPHA SERIES.

Our latest innovation, HYDROXY SHRED Neuro-Thermogenic is manufactured in a human pharmaceutical (GMP compliant) plant. Each ingredient has been specially selected, researched and scientifically tested to meet both your and our high expectations.

At Body Science we not only manufacture Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods, we manufacture complimentary Medicines listed on the Register of Therapeutic Goods. The GOLD LABEL ALPHA SERIES is 100% committed to products that are:

scientifically formulated,

tested by Australias best athletes,

pre-proven to help you exceed your health and fitness goals.

Our NEW GOLD LABEL ALPHA SERIES is backed by cutting-edge scientific research, the latest clinical studies and specific feedback and input from elite athletes. Each product in the range contains exactly what is listed on the label and ingredients are sourced for nothing less than your best results.

The GOLD LABEL research and development teams innovation, scientific scrutiny and customer focus have led to the development of products that represent the benchmark of elite, something which all other supplement manufacturers should strive for.

How it works: The Brief

This potent Neuro-Thermogenic formula is designed to help you reach your weight loss goals by helping to destroy your stubborn fat cells, promote lipolysis (fat cell breakdown), speed up your metabolism so you burn more calories, boost your energy levels so you power through your day and improve your mood.

Destroy stubborn fat cells: HYDROXY SHRED has a potent multi-layer fat shredding blend that includes Acetyl L Carnitine, Hydroxycitric Acid, Green Tea, Caffeine and Chromium.

Enhance Energy: Apart from Caffeine which is by far the most widely used stimulant in the world, HYDROXY SHRED also contains Acetyl L Carnitine and Green Tea which play significant roles in enhancing energy levels. By enhancing your energy levels you can boost your intensity, focus and make the most of your daily activities.

Speed up your metabolism and burn more calories: HYDROXY SHRED contains 5 of the most potent ingredients for enhanced metabolism and increased daily calorie burn. Green Tea has been associated with an increase of as high as 8% in total calories burned per day. This means you dont have to do anything to help increase your amount of calories burned. In addition, Chromium helps to regulate carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism whilst the active component Hydroxycitric Acid helps to block the formation of fats providing you with the ultimate advantage in your quest for superior fat loss.

Improved mood and focus: Tyrosine is an amino acid formed from another amino acid called Phenylalanine. The body uses Tyrosine to help make chemical messengers that are involved in various processes with the brain including improving mental alertness.


What is HYDROXY SHRED designed to do?

HYDROXY SHRED is a potent multi-dimensional fat burning formula that goes beyond the traditional formulation of fat burning products. Ultimately, you will be able to shred those stubborn fat cells, burn more calories, increase your metabolism, boost your energy levels and improve your mood. Weve formulated HYDROXY SHRED in a way that allows it to double as the perfect pre training supplement or daily fat burning, energy boosting, metabolism enhancing formula.

HYDROXY SHRED has key ingredients necessary for change.

This is a Complimentary Medicine listed on Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade TGA licensed manufacturing facility with research formulated ingredients to enhance fat loss and help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. Used in conjunction with a calorie controlled eating plan and regular exercise. Research indicates that weight loss can be achieved by reducing your energy intake (what you eat) and/or increasing your energy expenditure (what you burn off). HYDROXY SHRED is designed to help you do BOTH more effectively.

Complimentary Medicine. Listed on Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods:

HYDROXY SHRED Neuro-Thermogenic Blue Lemonade Flavour Aust L 236498

HYDROXY SHRED Neuro-Thermogenic Margarita Flavour Aust L 236497

HYDROXY SHRED Neuro-Thermogenic Watermelon Flavour Aust L 236491

Why is HYDROXY SHRED superior fat burner?

HYDROXY SHRED is a research-driven formula. Over the last months we have consulted world class athletes, dieticians and sports scientists and the feedback was to make it pharmaceutical. Traditional fat burners are food. HYDROXY SHRED is formulated and manufactured as a Complimentary Medicine that is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Included are various research driven ingredients to shred stubborn fat cells, burn more calories, speed up metabolism, boost energy and improve mood. Use only as directed maximum 10g consumption per day.


HYDROXY SHRED is manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade TGA licensed manufacturing facility. Excessive consumption of any fat reducing stimulant is not advised. We recommend that if taken as directed, HYDROXY SHRED optimises health rather than impairing it. Use only as directed maximum 10g consumption per day. Train hard.

Adults only

Contains 300mg Caffeine per recommended daily dose

Use in conjunction with regular exercise and a calorie controlled diet.

Do not use if pregnant or likely to become pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do not use if sensitive to the effects of Caffeine.

Stop use and speak to your doctor if you experience any unpleasant effects whilst using this product.

Do not use if cap seal is broken.

Can I use HYDROXY SHRED as a Pre-Workout boost?

Yes. HYDROXY SHRED has been specifically formulated to double up as a potent energy, intensity and focus enhancing supplement. If you want to take HYDROXY SHRED as a pre-workout we recommend taking one 10g serve 20-30 minutes pre-workout (instead of 2 x 5g serves daily) daily.

When is the best time to Take HYDROXY SHRED?

If you are looking for superior weight loss results we recommend taking 2 x 5g serves daily. One serve in the morning and one serve around lunch time. Alternatively, if you want to use HYDROXY SHRED as a pre-workout we recommend taking one 10g serve 20-30 minutes pre-workout. Use only as directed maximum 10g consumption per day.

Can I Use HYDROXY SHRED with other BSc Products?

Although HYDROXY SHRED forms the forefront of our GOLD LABEL ALPHA SERIES, its effects can be amplified when combined with your current supplements. Do not utilise with other Caffeine based formulas. We recommend the use of proteins, good fats, vitamins and a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Over the last few months our R&D team, which included some of Australias elite athletes, utilised protein, HydroxyBurn Elite, AminoBol or WPI and probiotic antioxidant Green Tea TX100 post workout in addition to HYDROXY SHRED.

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