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Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer 4.6kg

The PRO COMPLEX GAINER would help to obtain a higher percentage of calories from precisely the 7 finest protein sources, completely unlike the ‘typical’ formulas that are majorly composed of fat and simple sugars.

The Pro Complex Gainer is specifically designed so that it supplies dietary fiber, digestive enzymes, complex carbohydrates, essential minerals and medium chain triglycerides.

The Pro Complex Gainer essentially comprises of high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates & lipids, micronutrients and sufficient calories. The high-quality proteins are swiftly digested after absorbing the amino acids that in turn supports the process of re-building. Carbohydrates and lipid are as crucial as the proteins; they provide the resisting energy to avoid proteins from being burned down. A growth process is in great need of minerals and vitamins for without them the effective processing carbohydrates, proteins and fats would not be carried out.    

And of course, the most vital ingredient of your Pro Complex Gainer is calories which is the binding-factor of the gainer. So, technically, every serving of your Pro Complex Gainer gives you 60 grams of muscle-building proteins, 85 grams of complex carbohydrates, 5 grams of fiber, 26 essential vitamins and minerals and over 600 calories!




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