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    Dean Lewis A Place We Knew CD  For Dean Lewis, the title A Place We Knew encapsulates the bittersweet memories of past relationships. All the songs were written through relationships Id been in and houses I used to live in and hotel rooms.    On a plane he heard a phrase that struck him like a bolt of lightning, An in-flight-radio DJ said, I wish that was a place wed known about I went to my notes and wrote A Place We Knew and was like, thats the album title. That ties everything together.   Lewis sought out several producers to collaborate with on his new album. The British team behind Waves and Be Alright, Edd Holloway and Nick Atkinson  are ever-present and so too is Melbournes John Castle (Dont Hold Me and Chemicals) and Dann Hume (Time to Go and title-track A Place We Knew). Sydney-based producer Dylan Nash, whom Lewis refers to as almost like the co-producer for the whole album, ties a thread between the 12 songs that were written and recorded all over the world giving A Place We Knew its cohesive sound.    From the uplifting Hold Of Me and the celebratory Stay Awake, to his rawest and most vulnerable tracks Dont Hold Me and Half A Man, Deans debut album demonstrates a far greater breadth and depth to his songwriting than ever heard before. In addition to writing every song on the album, Dean triumphantly plays piano, acoustic and electric guitar on A Place We Knew.    With over a billion streams of his music globally and being named Billboards Chart-Breaker in October, Dean has been dominating charts all over the world with his single Be Alright .  In Australia, Be Alright was the second highest selling single from an Australian artist in 2018 and the fourth highest selling single of the year overall. Globally the single has now reached  over 630  million streams achieving multi-platinum, platinum and gold status sales worldwide     Review of Dean Lewis - A Place We Knew To by Thomas Bleach The key of music is honesty. We all just want to relate, feel emotion, smile, laugh, cry, dance and sometimes do all those things at once. And thats the power of music because it allows you to do all of that. It allows you to escape your life for a moment or sometimes find solace and answers within tough times. Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis has been successfully delivering moments like those with Aria chart topping singles Be Alright and Waves as well as being playlisted on some of the worlds biggest TV shows which has boosted his profile worldwide. Its kind of a big deal. His debut album A Place We Knew has been in the works for two years now but its finally being released to the world in all its reflective, catchy and memorable glory. With the gentle opening strums of Hold Of Me the song builds into a big euphoric hook which will join fellow album track Be Alright, 7 Minutes, Chemicals and Waves in his live show as massive singalongs. It was created to be experienced live and thats the format where a lot of this album sits within. Its feel good emotional pop that sits in an uncomfortable emotional pool that you will come used to and embrace. Title track A Place We Knew has a very similar storytelling template to 7 Minutes with lyrics like Remember when we were dancing in hotel rooms, it was just me and you and Cause it never mattered where we were cause we were falling in love. Youre heart is my home which have a romantic and heartbreaking spin on them. From there Stay Awake and Straight Back Down continue those big hooks where as Time To Go, Dont Hold Me, For The Last Time and album highlight Half A Man strip things down for a more mellow affair. The twelve track record offers a bold variety of strong alternative pop hooks and emotional ballads that will touch old and new fans alike in a humble way. It embodies all the emotions that you want an album to invoke from you and doesn't feel forced within its delivery or intentions. Its a very strong introductory to this very talented singer-songwriter who is only getting started and is already on the path to become Australias answer to Ed Sheeran. See more from Thomas on his website

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