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Evan Klar Deepest Creatures VinylThe son of a music teacher, Australian-German Evan Klar grew up in a home surrounded by music but admits he never had any real intention to follow the path. There was just a lot of bashing around with instruments, he says, with a shrug. But I never really thought about doing it seriously. It was while living in the UK that, simply by chance, Stef fell into the industry in a more serious sense, landing gigs, or, tinkering for friends on bass, keys and guitar as he so humbly puts it, as a session musician for a number of artists, including Alex Metric and Charli XCX. Yet, despite cutting his teeth in this world of live gigs and high-profile festivals, this musician considers his session experiences very different from his solo moniker, known simply as Evan Klar. Exactly like a journey, DEEPEST CREATURES is composed with a beginning, middle and an end and with an overall tone of optimism, curiosity and motivation at the heart a reflection of the artist himself. Nothing about me is a recipe for rock and roll, he laughs. Im into being healthy and taking care of myself, so I like to think that my songs are motivating and might help get people out of rough places. He adds, I cant see how anyone could be unhappy making music, its when Im most happiest and I hope this inspires someone listening to it and takes them somewhere. Not unlike the escapism one feels when immersed in a great tale, he agrees.

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