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    Dead To A Dying World Elegy Vinyl      Texas based elemental dark metal ensemble DEAD TO A DYING WORLD have completed work on their poignant new epoch ?Elegy? set for release on CD/2LP/Digital on April 19th.  Following up 2015?s ambitious ?Litany? endeavor, ?Elegy? sees the septet take their creative spirit to a new apotheosis resulting in the collective?s most focused and moving opus yet.  With ?Elegy?, DEAD TO A DYING WORLD craft their vast aural landscape in such flourish, one consisting of seamless of sonic textures guided by the likes of apocalyptic dark metal, doom metal, and epic cinematic post rock.  With a musical structure that consists of three monolithic central tracks reinforced by three stirring interval segments, ?Elegy? presents a new grandiosity in DEAD TO A DYING WORLD?s audial palette.  One of the key musical components in ?Elegy? are the monolithic melodic surges that thrive throughout ?Elegy?s? discourse, whether it's through the more aggressive post-black metal-ish flourishes that counter with the more melancholic yet immense melodic components that truly begin to define the band?s sound.  The dual vocal projection of Mike Yeager and Heidi Moore continues to serve as a defining staple while the band also continue to expand their instrumentation, solidified even more through Eva Vonne?s viola which continues to bridge and become a central element in DEAD TO A DYING WORLD?s sound as well as including outer-sound instruments like expanded experimental percussion, hurdy gurdy, hammond organ/piano, and concert bass.  Once again produced by Billy Anderson, ?Elegy? being one of the acclaimed producer?s most riveting productions he?s done in recent times, ?Elegy? once again sees the band welcoming a small cast of guest musicians.  Featuring guest appearances by Thor Harris (ex-Swans) on four tracks alone, along with guest vocals by Jarboe (ex-Swans), Dylan Desmond (Bell Witch), and Emil Rapstine (The Angelus), the contributions from the new contingent of guests helps elevate the narrative of ?Elegy? to a new plateau.

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