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Life Ruins

Three very different people, connected by a thread of violence ... and hope. Kay, recently widowed and coming to terms with life on her own, feels she has hit rock bottom. For years she and her husband fostered difficult children including Becca, whom trouble follows like a stray puppy. And now Becca seems to be in the worst trouble of her life.  A girl has been attacked so savagely she cant be identified. Shes alive, but only just. Becca, tossed out of university and just let go from her dead-end job, is certain she knows who the victim is. But no one will believe her. A body, briefly glimpsed at the bottom of an abandoned mineshaft, vanishes when the police investigate. Jared, recovering from an almost fatal injury and addicted to painkillers, knows he saw something terrible in that mine but he has no evidence, and fears hes losing his grip on reality. And then Jared and Becca meet. Becca, strong-minded and fiercely independent, is confident they can figure out whats going on. She pulls Kay into the mix, knowing theyll need all the help they can get because the police dont believe them. And more girls are vanishing ... 

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